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The Passionist College Santa Maria aims to provide Basic Education, in all its stages: Early Childhood Education, Elementary School and High School, obeying the process of authorization and teaching legislation, under the inspiration of human-Christian values %u200B%u200Band principles, guiding children and adolescents to life, in love and love, committed to a harmonious relationship with themselves, with others, with nature and with God. It also aims to provide the student with the necessary training to develop their potential for self-realization, preparation for the conscious exercise of citizenship and further studies, observing the determinations of law 9394, of 23/12/96 and other provisions. current legal provisions.
According to the Internal Regulations, the Passionist College Santa Maria aims to:
I. Promote the integral, comprehensive and harmonious education of your student;
II. Provide learners with an ethical formation with social and transcendental dimension and open their way with people, with God in increasing depth;
III. Provide educators and students with access to science and knowledge, as well as conditions for developing their potentialities in a self-realization process, with a view to their active and critical insertion in the community in which they live;
IV. Awakening the educational community to the social dimension and to the committed and responsible exercise of citizenship, as well as to the production of goods that are available to all citizens; incorporate technology as an instrument of human development and the object of education itself;
V. Develop an educational process aimed at the transformation of man and nature into collective benefit and the preservation of life on earth in all forms of manifestation;
SAW. Nurture the awareness that education is a permanent and comprehensive process to be developed throughout life in continuous deepening and maturation.
Our education aims to form strong and responsible personalities capable of free and right choices. Therefore, our intention is to simultaneously enhance aspects that refer to biopsychic, social and ethical-spiritual maturity.
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Mãe da Sta. Esperança
Passionista College Santa Maria
Rua Doutor Lobo Viana, 514 - Tude Bastos - Praia Grande, SP
CEP 11725-310
  •   (13) 3476-1890
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