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Elementary School II

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Elementary school privileges the situations with which the pedagogical work can contribute to the physical, mental and social development of the students. The organization of educational actions enables active work and becomes a place where students make discovery and learn to think with what they have already learned. The intentionality of this educational process points to the development of intelligence, the autonomy of students to solve problems, the social maturity that allows them to relate more fully with others. Still, thinking about the scientific commitment and human formation of the school, the elaborate didactic sequences allow the students to learn to rationally explain the natural and social phenomena and to act on them. Another focus of the educational view of this phase is the need for students to accentuate communication and expression in a coherent and sensitive way before the world. Therefore, we explore dialogue like all forms of art. With this, we want to educate people capable of building their own worldview, articulators of an autonomous life project that positively relates to itself, like others, to nature and to God. The importance attached to concrete knowledge in school activities is related to a justification that does not see them as an end and themselves, but as an instrument that allows students to develop their human capacities as they give meaning to school content.

System Brasília
Mãe da Sta. Esperança
Passionista College Santa Maria
Rua Doutor Lobo Viana, 514 - Tude Bastos - Praia Grande, SP
CEP 11725-310
  •   (13) 3476-1890
Delta Tech - Gerenciamento de Conteúdo