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The SANTA MARIA PASSIONIST COLLEGE, in Praia Grande, was founded in January 1986 and is part of the Colleges of the Passionist Education Network of the Congregation of Passionist Sisters of São Paulo da Cruz, headquartered in São Paulo and headquartered in Italy.
The mission of the Sisters is to return the person to the heart of Christ Crucified and Risen through Education.
We fully believe that the College was consolidated in Praia Grande and the metropolitan region of Baixada Santista for the quality of education, seriousness regarding the different procedures adopted, social responsibility, commitment to life, in short, solid tradition.
We currently have classes from kindergarten to high school. Aiming at a fuller and healthier life we %u200B%u200Bmake available to students a range of extracurricular activities, respecting the different age groups and individual interests such as futsal, karate, dance, music and educational robotics.
It is also important to reaffirm our Passionist charism: Christ's unconditional passion for humanity, which has brought his love to the last consequences, leaving us with an eternal legacy of love and belief in the possibility of men's continuous transformation, conversion and redemption before the Sacred. which is revealed in each of our brothers. Passion that transcends the suffering of the cross to perpetuate the resurrection, the living Christ among us, strengthening our lives, extending His hands in an attitude full of bestowal and love.
Considering this foundation, our Pedagogical Proposal believes in the constant renewal of the human being and contemplates it in all its dimensions: cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual. The school curriculum meets the demands of the modern world. It also includes the pillars proposed by UNESCO, preparing students to “learn to be, to know, to do and to live”, in the face of the adversities of a selective and globalized world.
Alumni have formed, started families, and now return with their children. This is due to the confidence in educational action based on Passionist philosophy and principles.
COLLEGE SANTA MARIA, this is our Passionist way of being: updated knowledge, alive, dynamic, solid and sensitive.
System Brasília
Mãe da Sta. Esperança
Passionista College Santa Maria
Rua Doutor Lobo Viana, 514 - Tude Bastos - Praia Grande, SP
CEP 11725-310
  •   (13) 3476-1890
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