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High School

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Through its human, Christian, passiocentric and progressive pedagogy, the Santa Maria Passionist College contributes to the construction of true competences, aiming at the constitution of people able to assimilate changes, autonomous in their choices and solidarity, who welcome and respect differences, practice the solidarity and overcome social segmentation.
In this institution, the high school aims to: the understanding of the scientific-technological foundations of the productive processes, relating theory with practice, in the teaching of each discipline; the formation of the person, in order to develop values %u200B%u200Band skills necessary for the integration of their individual project to the society project in which they are located; the improvement of the learner as a person, including ethical training, the development of intellectual autonomy and critical thinking, and the development of competencies and skills at more complex levels of study.
Our students participate in various scavenger hunts, Olympics, simulations and external tests to experience their own experiences in the academic world and social demands, obtaining significant results in the regional and state rankings, as well as entering the first places of the private universities in the region and also in the following. Public Universities from different Brazilian states.
Santa Maria Passionista High School educators adopt diverse teaching methodologies that stimulate the reconstruction of knowledge and mobilize reasoning, experimentation, problem solving, and other superior cognitive skills.
System Brasília
Mãe da Sta. Esperança
Passionista College Santa Maria
Rua Doutor Lobo Viana, 514 - Tude Bastos - Praia Grande, SP
CEP 11725-310
  •   (13) 3476-1890
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