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Child Education

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In a practical and succinct line, the pedagogical proposals that encourage the realization of projects consider the willingness of the students to learn, gaining further contours thanks to the exchange of information between students and between teachers in the school institution. The projects start from research and discovery questions, the students select and articulate information with knowledge they already have, to better understand these questions and, thus, try to solve them or come up with new questions. It is important to allow the student to represent their understanding so that they can identify what they know and what they need to seek to deepen their knowledge. The purpose of this teaching-learning conception is to promote moments of dialogue, integration and conversations, making possible the reorganization of knowledge by the educators themselves. Working with projects, therefore, allows the articulation of scientific knowledge and popular and everyday knowledge, providing conditions for the questions to be answered in the light of students' curiosity, their needs and their most immediate interests. Moreover, it puts the subjects of education at the center of the educational process in an attempt to provide answers to the problems encountered.
The proposal is the playful, the joke, the fantasies and stories. Bring the student to learning through concrete and abstract, real and fantasy. Promote dynamic activities that respect and value early childhood. Game and toy represent important and basic forms of learning at this stage of the basic cycle, since they enable the articulation of knowledge in relation to the world.
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